Substituting yarn


I have a pattern for a sweater I just love: Marie Claude that is to
be knit with Berroco Zen. However, I live outside the United States
and yarn suppliers are few and far between. I have some Ironstone
Felicia in two colors plus Berroco Gem I would like to use. The
pattern calls for a size 9 needle but this makes my gauge too large.
I’ve tried a size 8 needle for the gauge of 19 stitches = 4" and 26
rows = 4" but am still getting 4-1/2 inches for the 19 stitches but
do get close to 4" for the 26 rows. Is it possible to alter this
pattern and/or needles to get the gauge required or is the size 8
needles going to make it “close enough”?

If the gauge is too big, but you like the way the knitted piece comes out on your 8s or 9s, make a smaller size.