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The cardigan pattern calls for sport weight yarn. I want to knit it in light worsted. Has anyone had experience with this change and could give me some tips, other than the usual knitting a swatch?

It depends on the yarn but in fact, there may not be much difference between light worsted and sport. These are general terms that cover a range of gauges.
What gauge is your yarn, what gauge are you getting and what does the pattern call for?


The pattern calls for a gauge of 5.5 sts per inch on #4 needles. With my sport weight I was getting 5.5 sts per inch on #6 needles. With the worsted I get 5.5 sts on #7. (I knit a bit tightly.) So should I just go with the #7 for the worsted? I don’t mind if it turns out a wee bit larger than the sport weight one.

As long as you’re getting the pattern gauge with your yarn and you like the feel and drape of the knitted fabric, go with that needle size. Because you’re getting the pattern gauge, you should be ok as far as the size.
The pattern needle size is more than likely, a recommendation based on the designer’s knitting tension not yours.


Correction, with the worsted on #7 I am getting 5 sts per inch. Will that make my sweater larger or smaller? My head won’t work for me today.

The pattern gauge is 5.5sts/inch. If you’re only getting 5sts/inch the sweater will be larger.

Think of it this way. If your pattern says to cast on 55sts that’ll be 10" at 5.5s/" or 11" at 5s/".

Thanks, salmonmac. Yes, I want the sweater to be a bit larger so it will overlap in front, but an extra inch for every 10 inches might be a bit much. I can’t really go by the cast-on stitches because it starts with the back neck panel and you pick up sts to start the body. I’m guessing I would have to have a stitch count after it is joined under the sleeves to get an accurate measurement of how much larger it would be. Do you know of a better way? Or would it be better to get gauge and knit a larger size?

Well, the easiest thing is to get gauge and knit whichever size you want.
Yes, look at the number of sts at the chest measurement after putting the sleeves on scrap yarn. Then you can calculate the size that you would get with your gauge and decide which size to knit.

What is the name of your pattern?

Thanks. The pattern is Danshui by Connie Pegg of YellowCosmo Designs. It’s available on Ravelry.

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I find helpful.

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Thank you Kathieh.