Substituting yarn?

When you are looking at subsituting yarn in projects, what exactly do you look for?

I am going to start a felted bag and would love to use a variegated yarn, but the pattern calls for a yarn that is sold only in solids. (14 ply Baabajoe’s Woolpak) The gauge for the pattern says 11 sts and 15 rows = 4" on size 11 circs. So can I find any other wool yarn that knits at about 3 st per inch? Does it have to be a chunky yarn like the Woolpak?

When I showed the man at the LYS the yarn I wanted to use, he suggested knitting with 2 strands of yarn. But that would be 8 balls of yarn at $12 a skein, and that’s too expensive for me! So how do I go about finding a good substitute? I’ve checked and Woolpak isn’t listed there. :frowning:

Okay, I’m such an impulse buyer! I was scanning ebay for some goodies and found some Noro Big Kureyon in colors I just love! I got a few skeins for only $12. :smiley: That price is so much more me!

Now I’m just hoping it works for the felted bag I want to make! Here’s the info from yarndex. I got color #18.

If it knits @ 3sts per inch on size 11’s, it WILL be chunky like Woolpak.

I think the color of Noro you chose is GAWGEOUS…I cant wait to see your finished bag!

i :heart: noro. I wish it wasn’t so expensive :mad:

Thanks Kelly! I love those colors and can’t wait until it gets here. Oh, darn these slow Southern postal workers. And double whammy - I’m going out of town Friday so DH will most likely be the one to get it from the post. I can hear it now “What on earth did you buy MORE yarn for?” :shifty:

Hilde - I almost died when I saw the 2 skeins for only $12! I was sure it was a typo or something. I’m not usually lucky enough to catch those deals. So excited!