Substituting Yarn in a Pattern/Gauge

Hi All,

I’m fairly new knitter and I have a question. I am making Knitpick’s Sweet Dreams Throw but I am using a different yarn.

I can’t post a link to the pattern but you can find it on Knitpicks.

The pattern calls for using Suri Dream yarn which is “super bulky” weight, size 10 1/2 needles. I am using Shine Worsted yarn which is “worsted”.

The first question I have is: the gauge is 10st = 4" which means 2 1/2 per inch, correct??

The second question: I worked up a couple of swatches with a size 11 needle, I still didn’t get the gauge and I don’t want to use a bigger than an 11 needle. I liked the way stitches look when I used the size 10 1/2 needles, can I use them instead and just order some more yarn?? I don’t know what the implications of using the needle size I want if it doesn’t meet the gauge.

Thanks so much for the help,

The first question I have is: the gauge is 10st = 4" which means 2 1/2 per inch, correct??

Yes, that is correct.

Yarns that are called worsted can be quite different from one another. Most would not call for a 10 1/2 needle but everyone knits differently so maybe you are getting a good fabric for the yarn you have on your 10 1/2. If you are not getting the gauge called for your afghan will be smaller than the one given (I’m assuming you are getting more stitches in 4 inches than the 10 called for). You could figure out mathematically how much smaller. If you don’t want it that small, and would rather it was the size given here is how I would do it.

The pattern called for strips made of 30 stitches width. 30 sts with the given gauge would be 12 inches wide. Make a swatch at least 6" wide (measure 4" away from the edges of the swatch) and figure out mathematically how many stitches you would need to use to get a piece 12" wide. That is what you want to accomplish. 3X the number in 4 inches.

With garter stitch hypothetically your row gauge should be 2 times your stitch gauge. For instance in this pattern it says the st gauge is 10 sts in 4 inches and the row gauge is 20 sts in 4 inches. Gauge can vary a little, but if you got exactly that ratio that would be helpful, but you can figure it out anyway so that it would be close.

The color changes for the strips are either 26 rows or 16 rows all the time. 26 rows would be about 5" long and 16 rows about 3" long. Plus a tad. I’d figure out my row gauge and use the number of stitches needed to get 5" for the wide stripes and 3" for the narrow ones or just a tad over. I notice they use only even numbers and maybe there is some reason for that, so I’d do likewise. The number of rows to get 5"+ a row to make it even if it isn’t. Ditto with the 3" long stripes.

Then just follow the pattern as given but substitute your new numbers for the 30, the 16 and the 26 in each place you see those numbers. Should work. I don’t know how it will change how much yarn you need.

I can usually only get 3 sts per inch on an 11 with worsted weight. Since you like the 10½s go ahead and use them, you’ll have to CO more sts as well as get more yarn to make it the same size. Merigold gave you some ideas for finding out how many sts to use.

Thank you so much! I didn’t know that I should have paid more attention in Math class. LOL

Knitting math will keep you sharp!