Substituting yarn in a clothing pattern >>>>

Okay, I understand what gauge means and how to ‘get’ it.

What I DON’T get is how do you change a pattern if, for example, the pattern calls for chunky yarn and you use worsted. Doesn’t the number of cast on stitches change (depending on the needle size) and therefore, doesn’t the rest of the pattern have to be altered too?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. But I can tell you that I’m comfortable trying a garment when the yarn weights are about the same-not so much if I’m converting a pattern for chunky to an object done in light worsted.


It’s not a stupid question, but it’s something I wouldn’t even attempt. Yes, you’d have to play around with needle size to get the same gauge and/or adjust the number of stitches for everything you do… CO, armholes, etc.

As I said I wouldn’t do it so I’m not much help. Sorry. I’m sure someone else is a brave knitter who can help you more.

It’s not easy to do. You’re right that you’d have to change the numbers of stitches and therefore the number of decreases and such.

It’s doable, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to find yarn close to the same weight.

That’s pretty much my attitude about it. Just making sure there wasn’t a secret out there that I was missing! :teehee:

You could knit a smaller size of the pattern since with thicker yarn and larger needles you need less stitches to make say… 10 inches. With bulky yarn and big needles you might get a gauge of 3 sts/in so you need 30 sts for 10"; with a thinner yarn and needles and a gauge of 5sts/in you’d need 50 sts to get 10"