Substituting St st for Garter St

Anything I should know about changing a pattern from
garter st to st st? I just really don’t like the way garter
st looks and I have a pattern for some baby overalls that
I have frogged too many times because I just hated the
way they were coming out and would really like to just make
them in st st. I know that garter and stockinette have
a different row gauge but the pattern is given so that you
just knit until it measure x cm so I didn’t think it would
matter all that much. Any thoughts?
Libbie :slight_smile:

I switched the other way going from stockingette to garter for something that had me just doing things for a certain number of inches and everything was ok.

Garter works wider than st st so if you’re concerned about width you’ll need to adjust your st count accordingly. (50 garter is wider than 50 st st.) Work a swatch of both sts if you’re not sure of the diff.


Garter stitches work up square whereas stockinette stitches are longer. Changing a pattern can be a big pain because you have to account for these differences. Maybe you could find a pattern that is supposed to be for stockinette?

I have decided to just be Dr Frankenstein insert evil
laugh here
and use the original pattern for it’s concept
and mix and match some others to get the right bits I need
to make what I want. I knit sort of like I cook, the pattern
is only here to offer suggestions…:angelgrin:

Libbie :slight_smile:

Excellent! Be sure to share what you come up with and how you did it!