Substituting patterns

I have knit a sweater 2ce for my daughter in bulky wool. I’d like to knit it for myself, but I don’t want to use bulky yarn, using a worsted weight instead. The sweater is quite simple, done in stocking stitch on circular needles to the bottom of the arm hole. You then add the sleeves, then knit in garter stitch for the yoke. It is a free pattern, and works up very nicely. ( )

I would consider myself an intermediate knitter, but I am not very creative.

I would like to knit a med size for myself. Can I go down to worsted weight & needles, and knit for a large size? Because you would cast on 156 stitches,then go down to 148 after ribbing, I don’t really want to knit 3-4" and find out it is all wrong.
Pattern calls for body to be worked with 120, 134, 148 stitches for S, M, L with a gauge of 14 st and 6.5mm needles

Thanks for any help.

We can’t see the pattern, the link doesn’t go to it. That might work, but no guarantees. There are a lot of simple sweater patterns so you might be able to get nearly the same thing for worsted weight, too.

Sorry, I should have checked the link
This should be a good link

Figure out how many sts/inch you get with the worsted and needles you want to use. Then divide that into the sts for the larger size and see if it will be big enough. Or you might be able to get gauge with the worsted weight on size 10½s too. It would be a looser knit, but not as heavy as the bulky yarn too, and not so holey that you could see through it.

Thanks, that helps.

The gauge on the pattern calls for 14 st/4". If I used the medium size # of stitches (144), and use on average a worsted with 16 st/4" it seems that that would work out. I would need to knit a gauge to check, and maybe move up to a slightly larger needle.

This sweater has a relaxed fit and is very forgiving on the yoke. I am narrow across the shoulders, and as for a bust, it is barely there, so it should work.

When I read the name of this post it made me think of, “Oh yeah, I substitute patterns all the time. My DD wants me to make this pattern over here, but it doesn’t work out for me so I substitute another one.” LOL Sorry, couldn’t resist the comment.