Substituting Needle Sizes

So, I “should” have enough common sense to figure this out for myself… but I wanted to see what my Peeps have to say…

I am making a funky scarf that essentially looks like a ribbed turtle neck with ribbed sleeves. Basically a body-less sweater… the arms can be used to wrap like a scarf or worn on the arms. Anyhooo, the pattern calls for size 7 circs, 12 in. length. So, having searched all over town so as to support my LYS/Craft stores… I found some size 8’s in the proper length. Will I be disappointed? I wonder, is it better to go a size down and knit looser or go up and knit tighter? Kindly the gal at the shop I found them at seemed to think they would work, but gave me a written receipt should I not be happy and choose to return them. Surely she jest! Return a needle? Return and ADDI!!! I would just find a project to use them on…

So, what’s your thoughts folks? :??

I have no idea, but I’d love to know if you get an answer. I want to make that “scarf” after Christmas!

I got the Scarfstyle book this past weekend. I have a friend at work that I would love to try this out on. She’s always chilly and this type of thing would be right up her alley.

I also think it would be just fine. Maybe a bit bigger, but without a body, how well does it really have to fit, anyway?

If it looks like the gauge is going to be way off, you can always leave out a rib or two. It think that would be more reliable than having to remember to change you knitting style.

Thanks! I sorta thought the same way, "with no body, can it matter?"
I’ll be a good girl and knit a swatch in the recommended rib -which i think is 4x4 - and see how it looks. I substituted 100% alpaca in a really nice steely color not quite black that had the same gauge as the Debbie Bliss Kid Classic called for
One of these millenia I’ll get my computer back online so I don’t have to use DH’s and I can post pics willy nilly.
:thumbsup: Thanks again Ingrid!

Sounds like yummy yarn!

It is Squish-dilly-umptious! AAAnnnndddd, it was on Thanksgiving weekend sale! BONUS! Since I am anti mall on Black Friday being a former retail worker… I support the little guy and go to my local Ben Franklin to see what’s doin’ and they had fabboo sales on their yarn. They have really added a lot to their knitting section now. I’ve been able to make due with some nice stuff when the LYS is closed :thumbsup: