Substituting lion THICK N QUICK

Looking for a substitute for Lion Brand Thick and Quick. I need something that comes in solid colors, has good yardage and is mostly wool instead of acyrlic.

I have found most bulky yarns to be expensive with low yardage.

Any ideas?


Does it need to be mostly wool because you are felting?

No, I am not felting. I just prefer to wear wool instead of acyrlics.


A bulky yarn is going to have less yardage for the weight regardless. have you tried webs? I found this for under $5 for 131 yards. Also try this.

You can search webs by weight. They have a lot of decent deals on chunky yarn and are very clear as to their yardage and weight.

Then that might be a toughy. You’re right about yarns that thick being expensive. There is Rowan Biggy, but I think that is pricey? I’m not sure. Have you looked at:

Is Big Kuryeon thick enough? It is a bit pricey, but the skeins go on forever. I made my dad a sweater from I think 4 skeins (and had enough left over to make a hat and I STILL have some of it tucked away somewhere).

Last time I checked, it was on sale at Littleknits.

I was trying to sub KP SIERRA for the TNQ, but it looks like I’ll have to double strand to get gauge

THanks for the suggestions. I just ordered some 6-ply bulky merino from It is a little thinner than the Thick N Quick. But the sweater I want to make is in unisex sizes with the small being 35-1/2 inches. Since I actually want my sweater to be smaller anyway I think (hope) it will work out. I ordered 5 skeins (might have gotten away with 4) and with shipping it came to $42.80.