Substituting gauge, easy math?

Greetings, knitters!

And so, this baby knitter has made herself a poncho, a scarf, and three hats… life is good, but for one thing: SHE MUST HAVE THE SLOUCHY BERET EVERYONE IS WEARING!

I’ve searched all over the internet for a good, basic slouchy beret pattern - Le Slouch is great, but not the texture I’m looking for just now. I’m not ready for cabling. So, I’ve settled on the Purl Beret. It’s a good one, but I don’t want to knit on size 3 needles. I’m looking for maybe 9 or 10.

As I’m still new enough to patterning that I don’t have the general hat cast-on numbers, does anyone know of an easy way to do the math to figure out how many stitches to cast on, increase/decrease to make up for the difference in gauge? Math is NOT instinctual for me.


~ jilly.\

Sense the pattern you found won’t work with the needles that you want to use, try these… maybe one will be better…

Here’s another slouchy beret (you can leave off the pompom) It calls for using size 4 and 8s but you couldd use 8s and 10s. I’ve done one like it on 10 and 10.5s but only cast on about 64 sts.

You could also use the purl beret pattern, CO about half the sts. On size 10s with larger yarn you’d probably get 3.5sts/inch - half the 7sts on size 3s. And that would be a CO of 64, about what I used. Just use the inch measurements for the rest of the pattern.