Substituting both wool and needles

I have a pattern which calls for color 4 me 8 ply and would like to knit this pattern in patrons Stella 12 ply - how do I do this?

What are you making? Do you have a pattern name and link? There are thousands of patterns so more information would be helpful.

If you are making a scarf it may not make any difference what you use, but if you’re making a garment it make a lot of difference.

I can’t tell what yarns they are by what you listed. Can you tell us the name and what gauge it is? Ply isn’t useful anymore. Here’s why-

Thanks for your reply. The pattern is by shepherd which is is a simple sweater (moda issue 6) pattern no 5. Wool in pattern is 4mm needles and 22 stitches over 10x10cm. Wool I would like to knit in is Patons Stella which calls for 7.00mm (14 stitches) over 10x10cm.

I can’t find the pattern to see it, but that is a huge difference in gauge. The one suggested in the pattern is for DK and the one you want to use is bulky. I think it would be very difficult to alter a pattern to fit. You could try knitting a smaller size with the heavier yarn, but that may not work with things like armholes and sleeve length. I’m just not sure, sorry.

I agree. Perhaps you can save the bulky yarn for another pattern and get something in DK weight for the shepherd sweater?