Substitute yarn, 2 projects - lana grossa and schoolhouse press

Hi there,
I’m planning two projects that need yarn substitutes. My first sweaters, after a simple sweater vest! I’ve made a list of a few subs that I think might work, but I’m kind of a newbie and would like opinions and/or suggestions. I’m on a tight budget too, so cost is fairly important. As wonderful as it would be, I just will not be knitting an adult sweater with $10+/skein yarn.

First project:

My best guesses:
*Would love to wash/lay flat to dry.
Lion Brand Cashmere Blend
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino
Cascade Cash Vero

Second project:

My best guesses:
*I’m more willing to go a little expensive, but can’t be too itchy… my son is very texture-sensitive. Would love it to be washable.
Rowan Scottish Tweed
Bartlett Fisherman

I also have a question about this pattern… it doesn’t say which needles to use to knit the swatch. I’m guessing the 7s?

TIA so much!

I’ve used both these yarns and would highly recommend them. I think either would work for the first sweater, and the second one is machine washable.

Come to think of it, they’d work for both. I haven’t used either of the others you listed, and as much as I love Schoolhouse Press, I suspect that their yarn isn’t as soft as the others.

Ooh, those colors are lovely :inlove: and I will keep them in mind. I love the subtle tweedy look of the Stockbridge yarns. Cozy with a nice drape is just what I was wishing for. (And it’s for me! :woot: only the second thing made for myself!)

I’d like to add that the Accordion sweater is for my [U]2-1/2 year old[/U]. Is merino tough enough for that? I’d like it to last two years (until he grows out of it).

I’d love some other opinions of yarn… that would be great! I haven’t worked with much besides acrylics and wool, so I’m really looking forward to making something so -yummy- for myself.


Depending upon the season of use you want for the sweater for yourself, you might try Cascade Sierra. It’s $9 a hank at my LYS, but they are good-sized hanks of 192 yards, and can probably be had for less $$ from some of the on line sellers. Great color selection and seems like it has a nice hand. I confess I’ve yet to actually knit with this yarn, I keep steering away from it because my LYS never seems to have enough of the color I want for the project I have in mind, or because I wind up wanting to do a project that would just be too costly for my budget with it - a long sleeved pullover or cardi in my size can run to 1800-1900 yards…eek!

Wound up with some Berocco Comfort yesterday, which is an acrylic/nylon and wasn’t exactly what I walked in wanting to buy (wanted some organic cotton or something) but I really like it - very soft and nice to knit with, and the colorway is absolutely yummy (Raspberry Sorbet, #9728). A bit more grabby on my Harmonies than I would like, but manageable. And the price was very right - $6.75 for 210 yards. :slight_smile: