Substitute for Manos

I want to try the My So Called Scarf, but I can’t in good faith spend that much on yarn, not yet. I’m a new knitter and if I have to restart the scarf like my last one, I would rather do it with a not-so-expensive yarn. What type of yarn would be a good substitute?



Check the gauge and go with a yarn that is a similar gauge.

I gotta tell you though that with a scarf it doesn’t make that much difference. Find a yarn you like and start knitting! When you feel comfortable with your knitting and the pattern you can go for a “better” yarn if you want. :wink:

This is a good site to find yarns by gauge, etc.

I think the stitch pattern of the So Called Scarf really shows off any varigated yarn nicely.


What about Paton’s SWS??? You’ll have to feel of it and see if you think it’s itchy–I don’t but some do. I don’t know how much it costs but I’m sure it’s less than Manos! I agree w/ everyone else though–anything varigated will work just fine! :slight_smile:

I used the bulky 6-ply merino from for mine and it is soooooo wonderful. Their colors are spectacular and the yarn is so soft!!

(It looks like their stock is low right now – usually there are a lot more colors than that. IMO the Colonia or Ejido would work too, they’re just not as soft as the merino.)

What size needle are you using with the Bulky? I am looking for a bulky that won’t bankrupt me.


I actually used size US15 needles…I don’t usually like to knit with needles that big, but they seemed best for the yarn/stitch pattern. One skein made a very skinny scarf (I wanted to be able to wrap it around and around my neck) that’s 6 feet long. Not bad for $6.50! :smiley: I love love love that yarn. :heart:

(There’s a pic of my scarf here.)

i started this in malabrigo (216 yards per skein so 1 skein can do it) but dropped needles to a 10 or 10-1/2 and i was quite pleased.