Substitute for Colinette Point 5

Colinette Point 5 is very pricey for the yardage you get only 55yards! Does anyone know of a good substitute I could use that would be less expensive?


Point 5 is a super bulky yarn and they generally don’t have as many yards per hank/skein. The weight is the same as a large skein of yarn that would make a pair of socks which is in the 450 yrd range!

Anyway, what you need to do is look for other super bulky yarns that knit up with the same gauge. In this case that is 7-7.5 stitches over 4 inches according to the info I found.
It’s a thick and think sort of roving type yarn I think…
The linked website is cool because you can then select yarns by name, weight, etc. Here’s the link to super bulky.

This will give you a start. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jan! I’ll give yarndex a look & see what I come up with.