Substitute for a stitch holder?

I forgot to buy one while I was out shopping…any ideas as to something I can use at home until I can buy one? I think about 50 stitches will have to go onto it, so I can’t just use a little safety pin or something.

Thanks in advance!

Another needle, some scrap yarn, a chopstick…

I just realized that I could use one of my extra Options cables with the little caps on the ends, but the chopstick idea sounds kind of cool! :thumbsup:

Can you use more than one big safety pin?

I really like using scrap yarn when in a pinch and with a knot tied they won’t fall out or off …

I suppose I could have used safety pins or scrap yarn, but I was just curious if there were some ingenious device I just wasn’t thinking about, lol.

I am using one of the extra cables with the cool cable caps from my KP Options set and it works perfectly. :smiley:

That’s one thing I LOVE about the options set- I have the Harmonies and am trying not to keep casting on- as I have 3 out of the 4 cables I have currently in use…

They do make wonderful stitch holders, and the less “equipment” I have to buy and use the better!

As I was reading this thread I thought of one , a large paper clip can be bended and unbended, it is for 16 stitches. :)Thanks for getting my brain to work:thumbsup:

Thumb for Peppermint Patty fingerless glove.

I love to use speaker wire. Its plastic coated, flexible, light weight, and super easy to get yarn back on the needle. I bend the ends back (away from the project) as it is slick enough to fall out.