Substitute double moss stitch for garter stitch

I am going to start a knitted poncho that calls for garter stitch between the cables, I would like to replace the garter stitch with moss stitch, but not sure if it will mess up the pattern. Any thoughts? Thanks

You could do that but it may distract from the look of the cable. Using reverse stockinette for the background helps the cable pop.
I would try it out both ways on a swatch to see what the cable looks like with your yarn. It would be good to know what you find if you wouldn’t mind letting us know the results.

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Thank you for your reply:)

Hi, I find that knitting a half moss stitch is very attractive and less chance of getting the stitches wrong and is only two simple rows
Row 1) K1, P1 to end
Row 2) Knit to end

My dear Mum taught me this many years ago and a favourite of mine for sweaters, hats and tank tops.

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Thank you very much Jean I will try this:)