Subs for noro?

Now that I’ve totally gone gaga over Noro Iro, I find that cash flow is somewhat limited at the moment. Are there any other yarns {read: cheap} that have those long colorways that Noro does??

Karoke by SWTC and Color Milliri by Lang

Iro is on closeout at You may want to look, great prices!

Paton’s SWS or Rowan Tapestry. These are both wool/soy blends, but have nice long color changes. There’s also a new yarn out - Boku - that is similar to Noro but not as spendy. I forget who makes it, unfortunately.

I was just going to come and say Boku–it’s Plymouth.

the boku is very soft to use! and nice (dependable) color changes/striping :slight_smile:

Same here - I haven’t been able to try it yet, but I’ve heard wonderful things about Boku :smiley:

You guys are great! :muah::muah: I have written everything down and will check it out. I’m afraid to go to…I love that site! I could easily spend waaaay too much there! This board is the greatest! :inlove: Thanks ever so much! has Iro on sale :happydancing:You can get a bag for $90 or get it for $11 per skein.

Not that I’m enabling you, or anything.:angelgrin: