Submitting FOs to Arts Council

I will be submitting some lace tablecloths to our local arts council for jury approval and placement for sale in the gallery…need encouragement and I know I can’t price them too high but would love to be able to sell them at a price I can live with…
Any suggestions or insight??? :muah: in advance~

That’s very cool! But, are they made from patterns? If so can you legally sell them? I know you can’t with a lot of patterns we find on the internet so if they are you should check first.

The ones I’m selling are extended and modified from the patterns so there shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks!

All I have is encouragement for you! You were so encouraging to me when I first joined and had a problem, now I can return the favor!

I’m so excited for you! I always want to send jewelry to our local arts council but I’m too chicken. Good for you for taking this step!!! Pricing is so hard because it’s all labor! You will figure out the right price, there is a happy medium out there and I’m sure you will find it!!

Best of luck, it’s going to be great and you will feel so proud of yourself!!:woot:

:thumbsup: Good luck!