Submitted for your amusement

my mom, an elementary art teacher, was doing some sort of class today. when it was over she was walking down some steps carrying about 30 pounds of paper and fell. when she got home, she laid down on the bed so dad could wrap her legs in ice. 20 minutes later he unwrapped her. after they talked about the pain, she said “now i just have that kind of numb feeling you get when the orphans move in.”

:roflhard: :roflhard:

we (me and my dad) were both like :shifty: :roflhard:. she meant endorphins, but she couldn’t remember which"-orphin" it was. that’s my mom!

Well, that is funny, but, I hope your mom is okay.

she’s fine. she was laughing so hard she started crying. :teehee:

i probably should have mentioned that, huh?


Glad to hear your mom is okay. Ya gotta love parents - My family was at a birthday outing at a restaurant and my dad (who is like 85 years old) ordered “angel dust” instead of angel hair. Thank goodness the waiter realized my dad didn’t know what he was talking about but wanted pasta!

my grandfather has gotten into the habit of asking for “scotch and soda” whenever he’s asked for his drink order. it’s funny because he does not drink. the most he gets with his dinner is water and milk. and he always looks like he’s about five years old when he says it. i think he’s just gotten tired of the same old thing always happening every night at the same time. “scotch and soda” livens it up a bit. :teehee:

Glad your mom is okay! That story is too funny! I LOVE endorphins, myself…

very funny! Glad she has a sense of humor! That always helps any situation. (well, almost! :teehee: )

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I wonder what they would have served him, if he had ordered that in Disneyworld!!