Sublime pattern 6046

I have just started to knit the Sophia cardigan for pattern 6046, and feel there are some instructions missing from the back:

“Work 12 rows straight” will a) NOT increase measurement from 24cms to 43cms, and b) suggests that something other than ‘straight’ knitting has previously happened.

Can anybody please help?
Thank you

Hi, I don’t know this pattern but yes, I can see what you mean!! There does appear to be something missing before the 'Work 12 rows straight ’ instruction. Is it a fitted shape cardigan perhaps where you make a waist by decreases at that point?? Most cardigans,tops or sweaters are worked to 17"(or length required) to underarm but I find it odd that your pattern says ‘across’ when it normally says something like 17" from cast on edge. It reads like you’re meant to measure width ways!!

Hi Linda

Thank you for getting back to me.

I’ve read the pattern properly now, and the next measurement given after the desired length (in my case 24 cms), is the width (43 cms), referred to as “across at this point”.

Honestly - I feel a wee bit silly now!

Many thanks


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Thank you for your comments. I think i’ll have a go at just following the instructions. The cardigan will have quite a wide border added, which will increase the length, which is supposed to be 21 1/4 ins for my size.

I’ve tried to upload a photo of the cardigan, but no luck.

Maybe this one?

Yes, that’s the pattern.

Have you knitted it?


No, but it’s a lovely looking sweater. We’d love to see a photo when you finish yours.

Righty-ho! Fingers crossed it’s a success …