Subbing yarn help

Hi, everyone. I am used to knitting in wool only, and acrylic is a new thing for me. However, most of my friends seem to think wool is not suitable in our area (TX), even though I’ve tried to explain the properties of wool, blah blah blah.

I’m knitting a blanket (also a first for me) that requires 5 balls (110 y. per) of worsted weight wool, with two strands of wool held together.
My questions are:
Can I substitute 2 balls of acrylic (330 yards per) for the wool and still get basically the same size, just thinner?

What is the purpose in holding two strands together? Is it just to make a thicker finished project? And is this necessary for a baby blanket (where it doesn’t actually get very cold!)?

I just want to make a pretty, light blanket. It’s a blanket I’ve seen suggested here before that has a teddy bear pattern throughout. It looks fairly simple and looks like it will give a cute finished product, but I don’t want to change too much if it won’t look right. WDYT??

TIA for any help.

Worsted weight acrylic should be the same basic thickness as worsted weight wool and you shouldn’t have any problem substituting. Acrylic would be easier for a baby blanket because it is machine washable. If you only use one strand of yarn the blanket will be smaller because you would also go down in needle size otherwise the stitches will be much more open.
I agree that in Tx you shouldn’t need as thick a blanket, but changing from a double strand to a single will mean changing gauge. I have done that with an afghan pattern and figured out how many extra stitches I had to cast on to get the width I wanted.

ah, I didn’t think about it being more open on the larger needles…good point!

and yes, machine washable/dryable was exactly what I was going for! I know I don’t mind using wool wash for a blanket (after all, I use wool diaper covers all the time!) but my friends are not the same!