Subbing fiber?

I really liked [COLOR=blue][B]this[/B][/COLOR] crocheted shawl. The [COLOR=blue][B]pattern[/B][/COLOR] says to use DK mercerized cotton (or I’m thinking I can use Knit Picks’ “[B][COLOR=blue]CotLin[/COLOR][/B]” as a nice sub:drool: ), but I’m wondering if I can use an animal fiber for warmth, or will I wind up losing stitch definition by not using the cotton. Any advice?

Hi! I do find that mercerized cotton gives about the best stitch definition you can get - but with any fiber, the stitch shaping (and shape-keeping) depends more on working very uniformly and with the best tension for the yarn/thread used and also on using the best size/kind of hook. I suggest making some little swatches (like around Valentine’s Day I make swatches in the shape of hearts with little loops to fit over buttons to wear as ornaments) with different size/type hooks and see what gives the kind of effect you like. You can give away the other swatches and keep the one that matches what you finally work with!

What a very cute idea! Thank you for the input on mercerized cotton, too. I’ve never worked with it, so I wasn’t sure how it worked up.

I went to Patons web site and their Grace yarn is what is dubbed no.3 by the yarn standards. A no.3 yarn and the key word is yarn is a light weight worsted yarn. It doesn’t have to be cotton. Did you think it meant cotton thread? You could use any yarn that fits the gauge. I would suggest a nice sport weight yarn as long as you can get the gauge. Since you are making a shawl gauge isn’t as crucial as it would be if you were making a top.
Good luck and it is a real nice shawl pattern.:happydance: