Sub in yarn

i need a sub for classic elite yarn nature palletts 100% cotton sport and can caron be sub for for berroco
thank you for any help :knitting:

Hiya wimpy,
It depends on the yarn weight itself, not necessarily the brand name.

you are so good with cakes and a knitting wizard :woot: the the berroco softwist gauge 20st =4 " 28 rows= 4 " in st st on 8 needles and the caron is 18st =4"24 rows =4" on size 8 needles:happydance:

OOO hun, now yer making me blush!!lol:aww:
from what you’ve posted, looks like the berocco is a light worsted almost dk (double knit) weight and the caron is a heavier worsted weight. Try Caron simply soft n that should get you to bout the same as the berocco. It’s a lighter weight than the regular caron worsted weight yarn. But if you want to use the stuff you’ve already have do a gauge swatch with one size smaller needle than called for, and see how that works. If you still get the same amount of rows, that’s not near as important as width. Rows you can fudge here n there in the straight knitting parts of a pattern but not the width unless yer a math genius. :thumbsup: :x:

By the way,
THANK YOU for the wonderful compliment!!!:hug:

thank you for your help i wish you lived around my area.