Sub for Rowan Little Big Wool

I want to make Dill by Sarah Hatton and wam looking to sub the Little Big Wool. I am looking for something softer and less expensive in wool. It is listed under yarns on Ravelry as a US9 needle, but I think it is supposed to be 9mm/US 13.


I recently substituted Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist for Rowan Big Wool, and it worked fine, although I also downsized the needles it called for. But, without being too familiar with Rowan, I’d assume it might make a good substitute for Little Big Wool as well?

Well, Little Big Wool has 66 yds/50g, and Wool of the Andes and Swish superwash have 110 yards per 50 g so if you double it would work. I tried some WOTA doubled on 7mm needles and it seems to come out the gauge specified by Rowan for Little Big Wool. They are both pretty soft, but WOTA is more scratchy but still good especially if you aren’t wearing it right next to the skin. Superwash is more than 50% more expensive than WOTA but still a good deal at $3.29 per 50 gm. WOTA is only $2.00 per 50 gm

I checked out the pattern on ravelry to see what others had used. It looks like it’s only been knit by a user once and they used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the input. I do have some WOTA and it is definitely too scratchy. I’ll check out the swish to see if they have added new colors, they were pretty limited before.

The Thick & Quick is acrylic and I really want to use wool (or blend with natural fibers).