Sub for Noro Kureyon

Like I don’t have enough WIPs now, but my sister’s bday is coming up mid march and I’m thinking a Booga bag would be fun to make for her, plus she needs some color in her wardrobe!!! Anyway, in case I can’t find or afford the Noro, what is a good substitution? And does anyone know of a “chart” of substitution yarns listed by type, weight etc.?
Kelly lets you search for yarns they carry by gauge, and also by yarns that felt. Kureyon’s normal gauge looks to be 4.5 sts/inch.

I don’t know of any yarns off hand that compare to Kureyon’s gorgeous color and variegation. If you don’t mind using solid-color yarns, KnitPick’s own “Wool of the Andes” yarn, which is only $1.79/skein (!), knits up at the 4.5 gauge, and should felt well. In fact, I just ordered a bunch of this yarn to make a felted knitting bag, based on the booga bag! I got my yarn in the mail this weekend, and it looks like great yarn! The colors shown on the site were quite accurate.

Hope that helps!

Thank you Amy…guess where I’m headed!!