Stylecraft 4208

Hi there I’m stuck on the decrease part of the cardigan I have knitted the knit and purled the purl and tried the pattern in between and still not right can anyone helpn

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Can you give us the number of stitches before the decrease row, the direction for the decreases and the number of sts after the decrease row is completed, please?

I have 33 after I have knitted the left front then to start by armhole section decrease to 32 then need to decrease to 25 and then 20 this is where I loose the pattern completely at the 25 stitch decrease part as I have to incorporate lace and cable with less stitches I must loose one on these directions maybe to make it fit but it’s not working thank you for the reply

OK, when a lace pattern is involved you may have to leave out a repeat near the armhole in order to make the decrease. Since this is a baby sweater, it’s probably not a long repeat so just do the decrease and finish out the repeat in stockinette stitch (or whatever your background pattern is) and then start the next pattern repeat whenever you can. Even though you’ve had to change the number of sts at the armhole, it’s important to maintain the lace pattern in the rest of the front.

That’s what I thought I drop the lace part by the armhole as less stitches an continue the rest of the pattern but still knitting up wrong gonna attempt it again an look at every row when at the part as it also asks for decreasing at the beginning of the work by the border

Yes, give it another go. Once you’ve made the decrease at the armhole, look to the rows below to make sure the pattern lines up. When you get near the neck edge, stop the pattern leaving enough sts for the decrease.

It’s a good idea to make the decreases one stitch in from the edge so that you have an clean edge for seaming or picking up sts.