Stylecraft 4205

Hi I’m hoping someone can help as I’m feeling very frustrated, I’m relative new to knitting and have nobody in my circle to ask. My daughter begged me to knit her an Aran and in the main it’s going well but the bit on the pattern that says cast off 10 stitches in shape shoulders section (biggest size) it just doesn’t look right now I’ve come to sew it up and knit collar I just don’t know where I’ve gone wrong…or how to proceed I’ve uploaded pics to show where I’m at thanks

Welcome to the forum!
Wow, not an easy pattern for a fairly new knitter and it looks wonderful.
Just to make sure I understand, you’ve bound off the 10sts at the neck edge on both the right and left fronts?

It looks like the decreases at your armhole edges are different. You should have maybe 53sts before the armhole shaping. Then there are a series of bind offs (1 each row 3x and one every other row 3x) at the armhole edge totaling 6 leaving 47sts. Ten sts are bound off for the neck leaving 37sts and then there is another series of bind offs at the neck edge (one each row for 10 rows). That leaves 27sts for the shoulders. Is that what you have?