Sturdy thick scarf?

My husband has recently informed me that he needs a scarf. I managed to find an old one that I had basically never used in my closet but we both like the idea of me making him a scarf.

Well one of the complaints he has about the one he’s “borrowing” is that it’s too thin. He has to double it up.

I bought a skein of “Lion Wool.” I had only made one scarf previously and that was for a child so I am not really sure how much yarn I’ll need. I just attempted to make one for myself and used a whole skein of “Bernat Black Lite” and it is reeaaally short. But soft and pretty!!

Basically, I was thinking that a felted scarf would probably fit the thick/sturdy need. But, i don’t know what stitch. Should I stockinette, garter, seed? He’s liked the ribbed things that I’ve done (an experiment which ended up being WAY too little yarn to really do anything with, and then the Black Lite scarf I made today) but I told him if I felted it, probably the “pattern” wouldn’t show up.

I can buy some more yarn if necessary, but I was hoping to just be able to use what I have. I just need to know what the thickest/sturdiest thing I could do for this scarf. he has to walk around in the cold a lot and he’s sick as it is. So I’m hoping to do this quickly!

Thanks so much!!

The Scrunchable Scarf is a fabulous scarf - very thick and sturdy (& an easy knit!). You can knit it with how many ever stitches you want (I did around 40 and got an 7 inch wide scarf). My husband LOVES his scarf. I used 2 strands of DK weight yarn held together but a single strand of worsted would be perfect.

I hope you find something!

My first thought was the scrunchable, too.

maybe a double-knit scarf? :shrug:

What would that be? Knitting with two yarns at once?

Also, with “The Scrunchable” did it take more than one skein of yarn? I don’t want to get started with this and have to stop because I run out of yarn.

Do you think something felted would offer more “wind resistance?”

On “The Scrunchable” it says k2, p1. Is that the whole way across? Or just to start out and then it’s k1, p1 until the end when it’s k2 again?

The beauty of a scarf like the scrunchable you truly can make it to suit your needs…so you can make it as wide and as long as possible…so you could just cast on 27 stitches and knit until you run out of yarn.

The pattern is K2 P1 all the way across, which is why you need to cast on a number of stitches that is a multiple of 3.

A felted scarf would be very warm and wind resistant, however I doubt you’d be able to accomplish that with just one skein of yarn. Depending on the yarn it may shrink up to 50% so you’d need to knit the scarf double the size that you’d actually want it to be.

Lion Wool doesn’t have a lot of yardage, I think. You’ll need around 150-200 yds.


The skein says 158yds… But still.

I’ll go ahead and pick up another skein before I come home from work. better to have more than enough than not enough!

Thanks everyone!!

How do you purl both sides? Sorry I’m new and I really want to learn this patter. :notworthy:

ummm not sure what to tell you really… :??

The pattern repeat is just K2, P1 - on both sides.

this just means that on the first row you k2, p1 and repeat these three stitches till you get to the end of row, swap your needles around as usual to start the second row, and do the exact same thing you did on row 1. Then the exact same thing on row 3, row 4, etc until you reach the desired length of your scarf.

You purl both sides (one after the other) the same way you would ordinarily purl - i think you may have thought that they do both sides at the same time, which is not the case.