Stupid Yarn Swap price question

Under normal circumstances I would ALWAYS remove the price tags from gifts. However, if I remove the price stickers from the yarn labels I risk tearing them which would mean tearing the care information, stitch and guage information.

What to do? :??

Do you think its okay to send them with the prices still on the labels?

you could try heating up the glue on them with a blow dryer and then peel them off again. it is worth a try. :shrug:

Thats a good idea!! I’ll try it. Thanks!!! :hug:

or could mark em up with a sharpie~ thought the glue would probably look prettier[/list]

Well, since we’re in a certain price range for yarn, your yarnee already knows how much you are spending. So if you can’t get the tags off, I wouldn’t sweat over it!

Luckily all the tags on my yarn were on the bar code…