Stupid, stupid dpns

I will be spending my afternoon with a sick child and the lovely KH videos, trying to figure out dpns.

Of course, the sweater I am knitting requires dpns for the sleeves (I was so confident when I started it that I could figure them out:roflhard: ).

I started last night…and made a horrible mess within 2 seconds. My sweater is knitted on size 9s, so I just went ahead and bought the size 9 dpns…metal…from KnitPicks.

AWKWARD. That’s how I feel. I know I can use two circulars to knit in the round, or magic loop, but my only set of size 9s are currently holding the body of the sweater. I don’t really want to put all 148 stitches on something else to make the sleeves, to join them all on that same size 9 circular to start the yoke.

SO…I am going to learn to use the stupid, stupid dpns.

[COLOR=#2e8b57]I did it!!! Dd is asleep and I took advantage of the time to watch the video and practice. I just cast on for the sleeve and started working in seed stitch. And it’s working and thank goodness, the seed stitch hides any ladders (I think there might be one…maybe).[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#2e8b57]I am a happy girl!!![/COLOR]

I can’t offer help, but I can commicerate on the stress of having a sick child and not being able to accomplish what you set out to do.:hug: Keep trying. Keep your confidence and you will figure it out!

I’m in the same boat with dpns for socks. Check silver’s sock tut. for joining and management of the stitches. It was very helpful to me! Good luck!

:hug: Yes it feels awkward the first few times, but don’t worry, you can do it! The first few rounds are more difficult, but after that it’s easy. [SIZE=1]But then again, I’m one of the weirdos who prefer dpns to magic loop or the 2circs method.[/SIZE] :teehee:

If you have some smaller circulars, size 7 or 8, you can use them for stitch holders instead of the 9s and knit the sleeves with your 9s and put them on another needle. Then when you’re ready for the yoke, you can use the 9s again.

Just so you know, even people who are very experienced with DPNs feel pretty awkward on the cast on and first row or two. As the piece gets more stable, it does get easier. I was terrified of them at first, but now it’s the only way to go for me. I think ML is sooo irritating to move all that cable, and I don’t want to have to buy two complete sets of Options needle tips… and wouldn’t want all those needles hanging offmy WIP anyhow! DPNs are awesome! Good luck - you can do it! :thumbsup:

You can do with practice and you will end up loving them. I can’t do the ML could never get the hang of it.
I do all my socks on the dpn’s. I took a whole summer just sitting on the porch swing. I not only learned how to use the needles I got a fantastic tan…:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

Yep - DPN’s are awkward to work with - no doubt about it. Give it some time - you’ll get the feel of it and be knitting in no time. :knitting:

Thank you all for your encouragement.:hug:

I am going to keep going. If I could teach myself how to knit, I can teach myself how to use these darn things.:wink:

Out of curiosity…does anyone else feel like they are handling deadly weapons?:eyebrow:

I use dpns all the time and they’re still awkward for me. Especially when the pattern calls for using 5 dpns over just using 4…talk about butter fingers! And when I was doing the fetching set, I was constantly dropping the needle when on the last cable stitch for that particular needle. My family forbade me to knit over the hardwood floor after giving them the 4th heart attack in a row from the clatter of a dropped needle followed by my cursing.

When I first started using dpn’s I felt like I was wrestling a porcupine. The ends of my dpn’s have pink tinges from the blood stains (I’m just kidding, of course). It feels awkward at first, but like most things, it gets better with practice. Hang in there!

Just a suggestion, you might find bamboo needles to be more manageable. Metal is very slick and wood needles have a bit of ‘grab’ to hold the stitches. But of course, whatever makes you feel comfortable is right for you. I prefer metal for circular needles, but use bamboo for dpn’s.

My DH thinks they are deadly weapons. And in my opinion they were the first month or so of using them. :roflhard:
they do get easier though. I promise!