Stupid Selvedge edge! Sl st help


I’ve done a search on “slipped sts” …read everything. Looked at the link

Made sense. I was working a swatch last night…1 side looked just like the pic from the site. Nice chain. :thumbsup: But the other side?? I don’t know why it doesn’t come out identical to the other. I has like lil bumps in between each selvedge st. For instance you see a “V” then the next St below it looks like it’s going sideways (right to left) <—> “bump”. Then a “supposed” selvedge V st and so on. GRR! :mad:

My nice side of selvedge sts look like a nice chain. :thumbsup:

I did as the site said sl the first st of every row as if to purl. And knitted every last st. (Even on purl rows). Is this how you do it??

And the above happened. So I got irked :wall: with how that ONE side edge looked. Btw it’s on the RS that it looks like this…in other words when I begin the RS of the St st swatch. That side is EWW! :help:

I then decided to slip the 1st st on the RS (knits) knitwise…knit across, turn. Then on the WS slip purlwise, purl across…knit last st. Well…GRR…still looks the same on that one end. Other end nice!

Anyone else have this happen?? Why is it one side comes out great, the other …grr…well you know…

Btw…I’m starting an afghan and thought this would help with seaming. I’ve NEVER slipped the 1st st (only on socks). I just thought I should on this project being I’ll have quite a bit of seaming to do.

KNITBIT :frowning: :XX:

Hmmm, looks like you are already aware of the link that I would have directed you to.

Make sure that you are slipping the first stitch as if to purl WITH THE YARN IN FRONT. Then you bring the yarn to the back (if it’s a knit row) by bringing it up and between the two needles, not just by bringing the yarn under the right needle. Then as you say, knit the last stitch of every row whether or not it is a knit row or a purl row or a patterned row. Then on the purl side, slip as if to purl with the yarn in front and keeping the yarn in front, purl to the last stitch which you will knit.

Does this help at all?

Yes it does… :wink: Well…guess I am doing it right. Just one side doesn’t look as nice…Can’t figure out why…Hmm :thinking:


I get so mad with the selvedge edge too!!!

I knew that I had to slip the first stitch and I thought it was purlwise, but this stupid pattern I’m working on said to do it knitwise. ARGH! So I have the little bumps, but the pattern is so complicated and took me so long to get going that I’m just going for it with a bumpy edge. Maybe next time!

Unless the pattern tells me otherwise, I usually slip in pattern. I will hold the yarn in the correct place for the “stitch” {in back for knit, in front for purl}. The gauge swatch that I just did in stockinette came out perfectly for the edges. I could take a pic and post it if you like.

Well,…I don’t know what the BLEEP I was doing…Oops! :oops: But…I continued a few rows on my swatch and the one side is NOW nice!!! :cheering: I was :pray: it would come out right…Dumb thing. So now FINALLY I can start my afghan (square).

Ya…if it isn’t too much trouble I’d like to see a pic, Thx! :wink:

Aww…<sigh> relief…this thing was driving me nuts since last night. I did one swatch (didn’t do the selvedge on this one) just for sizing. Then decided I should practice the selvedge edge cuz I had to go up in needle size. So just now I was playing around and added a few rows to my 2nd swatch and VIOLA! Nice 2nd edge! :happydance:

Thanks for your input all!!! I needed it! :smiley:

OTN: socks…and CO for afghan :cheering: “YES!”

Here’s the pics I just took. I’m not sure how good they are since I needed to resize them to get to upload here. The yarn makes it hard to see too. Mainly you can see that there isn’t the wrapped piece of yarn around the edge, that it looks like a cast-off edge IMO. If you can’t see it very well, let me know and I’ll upload the full-sized ones to my blog.

Ya…I do notice there’s no wrapped piece of yarn around the edge. I do see the selvedges, nice edges. Cool, Thx for the pics! :wink:


You are very welcome… now if I could only figure out what kind of yarn this is!!! I bought it as mill ends!!

Hi, I am new to this board. I’ve been using the videos on the website and recently found this post to try and solve my slip stitch selvedge edge problem.

I have gone through several ways of trying to do this type of edge on the pattern tulip toes that I am making for my daughter who will be born in about three weeks.

The author of the pattern, who I have actually emailed a few times, says to slip the first stitch of the knit row knit-wise, knit to the end, and purl the last stitch. After turning the work, slip the first stitch of the purl row purlwise, purl to the end, and knit the last stitch.

When slipping the first stitch of the knit row knitwise, I ran into the same problem as KNITBIT: I had wrapped stitches around the edge. Slipping this stitch purlwise took care of that problem.

Another problem I had was the chain stitches on the beginning of each purl row were much larger than the chain stitches at the beginning of each knit row. This link to my blog shows this problem:

The problem of these stitches being much too large was solved by knitting the last stich of the knit row, instead of purling it.

However, one problem remains. The chain on the beginning of each purl row seems to be three loops wide instead of two loops wide, like it is on the other side.