Stupid Question

Of all the stupid things to ask, I know…
I just learnt how to knit a week ago, and I decided to make a scarf. (Well, actually, my boyfriend asked me to make a scarf for him. Odd, I know.) Well I figured out how to do it just fine, and the scarf looks great. I just don’t know how to stop… it’s all done, but the last line is still on the needle because I’m afraid to take it off. I don’t want it to unravel. Is there some way I can tie it or something?

Check out the Bind-Off section in the videos! Binding off.

Binding off, is that what it’s called? Goodnes… Thank you so much!

Be sure to do it loosely!! Maybe onto a larger needle.

Oh poo… I have no larger needles… and I’m trying to do it on a practice bit, and it still keeps unraveling. I’m not quite sure I get it, and the video won’t load. What I understood was just to skip every other loop, but the ones that I skip just fall through

What you do is knit 2 stitches. Then lift the first one you knit up over the second one and off the tip of the needle. Then knit another, and you’ll again have 2 on the needle. Lift the one furthest from the tip up and over, off the point of the needle. – in case I wasn’t clear enough.

By the way–NO question is stupid!! We’ve all had them!

YAY!!! I did it! I knit a six foot scarf in a week… I think I’m done for the year. Problem is, I taught myself how. And all the pictures I’ve seen look absolutely NOTHING like what I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, it holds fine and looks great… It just tickles me. Thank you all so much for your help!