Stupid question

I am just getting back into knitting after many years…
I am disabled and needed something to do in my life.
I have spent many hours and lots of money on ebay ermmmmm

I have just received 2 skeins of beautiful wool. I started to undo them sob One of them is now in a complete muddle/knot.

What do I do I know it sounds lame. I have the other hanging beautifully off a door handle.

Please help me I am sorry its such a stupid first post.

By the Way sorry for my manners hello and nice to meet you all. Hopefully I will get to know you. If I am not banned after this first post. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Kind regards Fluffypechey (Sharon)

When I have a bad tangle, I start rolling it from both ends. I keep switching back and forth until everything is worked out.

I’m assuming that you have your yarn in hanks? You have to have someone else hold the yarn for you between their hands to unwind it, OR put it over the back of a chair, otherwise you will get it so tangled, as you have unfortunately found out :frowning: . There is also something that one can buy, called a yarn swift, that is precisely for this purpose.

lol i think we would all be banned if we got in trouble for a post like this one. I am pretty sure we have all run into trouble with what I am assuming is a hank of yarn you were trying to unwind. (one that looks like this when you buy it.)

everybody has a different trick to how they unwind those. Putting them around the back of a chair, around their feet, around their knees, around a lamp shade, and of course around someone’s hands are all suggestions I have heard. You can also purchase a yarn swift and ball winder but it may be more than you want to invest right at the moment. any way you do it though, you have to put that around something in order to make sure it doesn’t tangle on itself.

Good luck!

I wanted to pop in and say hello, Sharon :waving: Everyone has covered the yarn entanglement…we’ve all done it!
I, too, am disabled and began knitting 2 years ago after much prayer about finding something to do with my time and to help keep my mind off of the pain. Knitting fills the bill…very well! I do so hope that you enjoy it as much as I do…LOL, as much as we all do! Looking forward to getting to know you! Welcome to KH!

Wow thanks so much for the very quick replies. I am very pleased. Yes it did look like the link to the hank (did) :oops:

I think I am going to like it here.
Is there a protocol for new members do I have to tell you all about me? Not that there is much to tell :teehee:

Thanks again I will see if someone will lend me their arms for the evening.

Ok off to the big knot hanging on the door looking pitiful!

Kind regards
Sharon x :muah:

Nice to meet you Rebecca. Yes I am hoping the knitting will fill a big hole.

I have one of the hanks unravelled and in a ball :cheering:

Now for the one that is in a hellava mess :oops:
Looking forward to getting to know you too Rebecca.

Sharon xx :muah:

There is an “Introduce Yourself” thread under General and you can start a blog in “Blog Threads” if you want to keep us updated on your adventures. Come by and check mine out anytime! :heart: :heart: :heart: