Stupid question about Stranding and Intarsia

I’m pretty new at this and I’ve gotten to the point where I want to start adding design to my work. I’ve looked all over the web but I can’t find an answer to this question!

How do you incorporate the second color into your knitting? As in, how do you add it in?

I feel like the answer is obvious but I just have a hard time working it out myself.

Thanks in advance!

Intarsia is a special case, it’s shown on the videos.
I begin stranded colours the same way as stripes, you need to use the new colour for future stitches. Some people tie loose knots to undo and weave in later, I usually just hold it in place with my left thumb, but if those are difficult for you you could attach a safety pin underneath the next row, and tie the wool to that.


how to add color?
so many ways!

1-self striping yarns! Paton SoyWoolStripe --or other wools/woolblends that stripe (NORO is one of the expensive ones–SWS is cheaper but still is very pretty (see my blog -link below for free hat pattern (and photo of FO)

2–Slip and Mosaic stitches! you only use 1 yarn at a time, but the results are spectactular… complex looking colorful designs. I posted as swatch (scroll down)–still haven’t gotten round to knitting. or search for slip stitch patterns ( use to have a great collection–but a quick google search will find you lots)
Look at this color work–a slip stitch pattern:
beautiful isn’t it?

3–illusion knitting (again, a single color yarn at at time process)

4–OK, finally fair isle. after learning a few slip stitch patterns, fair isle will be easy-- you’ll be used to ‘carrying yarn’ (across the back of stitches) an not pulling it too tight with a single yarn, and adding a second yarn will be an extention of those skills

5–Intarsia… will be just another skill now that you know all the others.

6- break into really simple/complex designs and learn celular automaton color work… (see Norah Gaugham or Debbie New–(i’ve done some too, but don’t have a link to it in my blog… but you can see it my hat album (link to that in left hand column)

7 Jacquard double knitting –

there are lots of ways to do color work…
(and then, you start combining them… make stripes --2 or more rows --and edge with slip stitches (slip stitches are tighter but stretchy–not as much as ribbing, but they still make a great roll free edge.)

or combine stripes with intarsia… or stripes (plain) with stripes of fair isle…

this way you get color with out being overwhelmed by endless color work!