Stupid newbie question of the day

So what is the difference between intarsia, fair isle and interlac? I am trying to pick classes at my lys. One class is called two hand two color knitting and is making the “Starry Night Purse” by Cabin Fever.

absolutely NOT stupid, and definitely NOT a newbie question. :fingerwag:
i’ve been knitting for almost 3 years and i don’t know the difference, but i would really like to. :slight_smile:

Intarsia is taking the yarn along with you. Fair Isle is having different strands for each color. Or the other way around. check out the videos though, it explains it well.

Intarsia is where you have a separate motif or several among a background. Imagine hearts scattered around a sweater, or a teddy bear knit on a blanket.

Fair Isle, or stranded knitting, is where you carry the yarn along with you and use two (or more) colors over and over across the row.

Entrelac is a technique where you knit on the edges of boxes that you’ve knit and your knitting looks like squares going in different directions.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Thanks everyone. I think the class maybe for fair isle then. Ok I want to know that too. Now I have to see if I can teach myself intarsia from the video. I have decided on bags for my sister and sil and I know one of them is intarsia. The other is fair isle. Yes I know I am probably biting of more than I can chew for Christmas but honestly even before knitting I have done that every year.

I have wondered about this as well and wasn’t sure even after looking at pix/how-to online (I’ve yet to attempt ANY of these). I’m SOOOO very glad that we can ask what we think is a really “stupid” question that even some newbies might know and everyone here loves us enough to so sweetly not only answer the question but offer additional/follow-up assistance in our new knitting endeavors.

You guys rock. I’m a new knitter (although been doing it a couple of years) that can knit and purl (meaning garter stich and stockingnette and ribbing)-that is it! I’m trying my FIRST project (baby hat) that calls for a yarn over. I’ve watched the videos and read the posts… While it might seem trivial to many, I’m totally nervous AND EXCITED to be doing a “new” stitch. Next on my list is to knit a design into a dishcloth (see my longhorn dishcloth on hold) and am trying to decide which knitting method I’m going to have to, I mean “GET TO” learn for that.

Thanks to everyone new and experienced on this board! You are all my heros. Hee hee:yay:

There are no stupid questions!

Ingrid knows EVERYTHING! I never knew what enterlac was-intersting.

I took a Fair Isle class at the beginning of the summer. LOVED IT! I’ve done a purse and am working on a second pillow from Dale of Norway.