Stupid Headlines

Can you believe this?

Local Obesity Conference Draws Large Crowd



Doesn’t anyone check these things first?

That could go to the Tonight Show for the headlines segment. I love that part of the show!

I love that bit too! Especially the engagements…my favorite one was for the “Wiggley-Wiener” wedding :roflhard:

There are two towns near hear that a locally famous headline read many many years ago… "Fertile Couple Dies in Climax"
It was an unfortunate accident that a couple from Fertile MN died in Climax ND…sad, yet funny all these years later.:teehee:

There was one in the local paper that I was going to send to Leno.

“Man Buried Alive 26 Years Ago, Dies”

Some stamina, huh?

I saw an ad in the classified once I wish I would have sent in…
“For sale: Dining room table-seats 10 with 8 chairs”
:shrug: Who gets to sit on weird Uncle Sid’s lap next thanksgiving?:teehee:


I posted this a long time ago.

I know what they meant, but it still makes me laugh.