I am usually very good at reading directions and then following them. I started a poncho that the pattern is listed in Creative Knitting. It is a “grape” colored lacy poncho over a black top and pants…very cute…but I have ripped it out repeatedly. The pattern is basically three different rows with straight purl rows between. I can’t “see” the pattern and I keep getting confused…usually I can see what stich to make based on the stich below. I have never tried to follow a chart…would it be a good idea to try and chart the pattern so that I can see which stitches that I should be working where.

I don’t want to give up because I really like the look of the pattern.

I am new to the bulletin board so I am not sure what I can post as far as the pattern is concerned and what is not allowed.

I’m confused. :??

Is your problem that you can’t keep track of the pattern? Or is the pattern too difficult?

I once tried to knit a shawl where the pattern wasn’t technically too difficult, but it was hard to keep track the stitches for whatever reason. I ended up not doing that shawl becase it took the fun out of knitting. But if I were to try it again, I would probably use a lifeline on all the even rows (which were straight knit rows in my case). Perhaps you could use a lifeline on all your purl rows so that no matter how many times you mess up, you know you’d only have to frog until the previous purl row.

Just a thought…

A Lifeline is a strand of contrasting color yarn pulled through live stitches. You’ll pull the lifeland through all the sts on the needle after you’ve purled one row. Continue with the pattern as usual. If you ever need to frog, the lifeline will act as a “bookmark”. Once you frog to the lifeline, you can put the sts from the lifeline back onto the needle. When you make it to the next purl section, relocate the lifeline. :wink:

I’m looking at that pattern. Are you having a specific problem on a particular row?
It’s a basic lace pattern, pretty much. I wouldn’t bother charting it because it’s only a six-row repeat.
If you can post a more specific question, I’ll see if I can help you out. :smiley:

To ekgheiy: no it isn’t to difficult but I just can’t seem to see what I am doing…the idea of the life line is great—I have never done that before but I will try it.

to Yvonne: I realize that it is basically simple and I am just making this harder than it is…I can do the pattern, I just seem to get confused and was even having trouble taking out stitches that were wrong. Thanks for the offer but I think I am going to try the life line idea, so I don’t have to start completely over.

I was beginning to think that I should give up but I will try this again.

Thanks to both of you for the prompt replies and willingness to help.