I am going to try this curly scarf pattern but I don’t understand some of the pattern if anyone can help txs ok here goes
Cast on 110
Row 1 k1, *yo, k1; repeat from *-219sts.
ok this is just the first row
what does the 219 sts. mean? as well it goes on in other rows to 437sts. and 873sts.

How can i have that many sts with a cast on of 110??? :??

Everytime you do a yo, you are creating a new stitch. So after casting on 110 stitches, on this first row you’ll be increasing 109 stitches.

So you knit one, put the yarn in front as if to purl, and knit the next stitch. You’ll see that the yo made a new stitch and you do this on every single stitch.

Txs. So I do the yo purlwise instead of knitwise?

Here is a video of a yarn over increase. Maybe that will be clearer. The yo is not a stitch in itself, so you don’t knit or purl it as you create it. Just having the yarn in the ‘wrong’ place will make the yarn wrap around and create another stitch.