Stumped with 'knit across' please help

Im doing the travel pillow ( also a thread in Watcha knittin, and have wizzed through the first two bits ( the front left and the front right) ive now got to row 33 where i have to join them together and its confused me a bit.

ok heres what it says:

Work as for rows 1–32 of right front, reversing all shaping, do not put sts on holder.[B]
[COLOR=red]Row 33 (RS)[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=red] Knit to end, cast on 4 sts, k across 27 sts on holder-58 sts. Work 19 rows even in St st.
[/COLOR][B]Row 53 (RS)[/B] Ssk, k to last 2 sts, k2tog-56 sts. Work 3 rows even in St st.

Its the red bit which has got me. I knit to the end then i cast on 4 stitches using a knitted cast on (eek never done that before) now it says knit across the stitches on the holder. erm … how? ive done it before on a teddybear pattern but cant for the life of me remember how!!:wall::wall:

Thank you in advance

if i understand you correctly, you have knit up to the point where you have stitches on a holder? it sounds like you would just knit them in order.

You can either put the stitches back on your needle to knit them, or leave them on the holder and knit off of that. I often do the latter if I’ve used waste yarn as my ‘holder’.

And then `work 19 rows even in St st’ means to knit and purl them without adding or decreasing any more sts. sue