Stumped toooo!


This is knitting with dp’s.
For a hat.

After I have top circle it says:
Knitting back and forth and using the intarsia color method. Invisably cast on 15 sts.
Work color as establshed to last st, sl st, k 1
from body of hat, psso.
Turn, sl st and purl back*work between**once more
Work to last st, sl st k 1, psso, put this st on left ndl, sl st k1 psso.) Work between () until all sts from top circle are used. Graft body stitches together making sure to match stripes.

:hair: Thanks
Any help appreciated

which bit are you unsure about?

All of it, actually the circular part is a bit frustrating too.
Says to cast on 6 sts, (dp’s) so I have 6 stitches on 3 needles, then do two rounds knitting, then increase every 3 rd row.
When I am doing this it comes out looking like a mini knitted condom(lol)

kathy–then from that point its says whats above. I am a bit confused at this point.

After knitting your little top thingy (yes, imagine it does look like something from the family planning aisle at the drugstore), you are going to switch to knitting back and forth, as you would with 2 straight needles. As for the invisible cast on. . .hmmm, could be a couple of things they’re referring to. Where did you get this pattern? Is it posted on the internet somewhere?

Unfortunately, it’s not posted.
It’s a pattern that I am trying to work up for a person to sell on a web page.
I want to master it, cuz I will be getting paid to do this.

Then you’d probably be best contacting that person for clarification. I don’t do intarsia, but if the basic instructions are for a little topknot thingie, then you would CO 15 sts for the hat body. An invisible CO is also known as a provisional CO; it’s temporary and will either be taken out later or sts picked up from it.

I thinkI have it figured out