Stumped on provisional caston: Weekend Kntting book socks

Geez. Ok. I thought I’d just go ahead and try these socks even if I didn’t understand the beginning. (I’m trying to TRUST THE PATTERN!)

but it just doesn’t work for me. Has anyone made these pretty
’Petticoat’ socks in the Weekend Knitting book? They’re lacy… (don’t have the book in front of me so I don’t have the page number but can get it…)

It says to cast on with the alternate yarn, right. Their seperate instuctions for the provisional cast on is to knit 3 or 4 rows with alternate yarn. Did that, then began using the main yarn… pattern says knit 4 rows, then you do this ‘turning row’ of yo, k2s.

(to increase the confusion, you have 13 stitches on each needle and you can’t knit 2 for the last stitch coz there’s only 1 left. They don’t mention knit 1.)

Ok so then you knit 4 more rows after that turning row and then you’re supposed to fold it in half with knit side out, and beging to pick up the provisional stitches and bind them off, all the while knitting the other yarn too. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! I understand, I think, that you are folding over the piece to create a thick top, but I can’t figure out how to pick up the alternate yarn. It’s just knitted in there tight as can be. I must’ve done something wrong. :thinking:

Well, only if you’ve done the pattern probably can you understand this unless you are an INCREDIBLE KNITTER.

hmmmmmmm, time to rip???

I’m going to give it a shot, just for the heck of it.

I have the book, but haven’t done the socks.

I assume you’re doing dpns, since you have 13 on each needle. For the yo, k2 tog, you probably have to slip a stitch from the next needle (or to the next needle so you can k those last 2 tog. That’s what I would try, anyway.

When they want you to pick up the first main yarn, they want you to slip your left needle under one of the sides of the ‘v’ of your first row of sock yarn.

You knit this picked up stitch together with the first live stitch from your left needle. Then you pick up the next ‘real yarn’ stitch and knit it together with the next live stitch.

After you’ve picked up all your sock stitches and knitted them together with the stitches on your needle, you pull out the provisional yarn.

It’s done this way so you don’t lose stitches from the provisional cast on.

I hope this is helpful, I can kind of envision it without having the knitting inf front of me, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

I haven’t done this pattern either, but I understand what they want you to do. It’s a little tricky, especially if you’re not sure of how to do it. But, if it’s too difficult for you, you can take a short cut…

Cast on anyway you want and follow the pattern after the “alternate” yarn. When you come to the point where it says to pick up the cast on edge, just knit one round and ignore the cast on edge. Finish the pattern as written. When you’re finished, you can fold the cast on edge under and stitch it to the wrong side of the sock. It’s a hemmed edge and will be the same finished look as what the pattern calls for. Just be sure to stitch loosely so you still have that stretch around the cuff. :thumbsup:

Thank you Ingrid and Silver! Well, Silver I have to admit I think I’ve got to go with what you said. I screwed it up and had 13 stitches on two needles and 14 on the other two anyway… but I think I cast on too tight with the alternate yarn and can hardly distinguish the stitches from each other. But even if I did, I can’t pull the alternate yarn out. Oh heck, I just did something wrong.

It’s not the easiest pattern and they don’t really make it clear as they could Like they don’t say, now start using the main yarn.

Would be interesting if someone does this sock. It is so pretty, I think I’ll go ahead and do what you said Silver. I guess it’s just so you have a ‘thicker’ top edge. A lot of work when a regular sock looks just fine. And you are so helpful about casting on loosely, I have to start doing that! THANKS AGAIN!

Would be nice if we could email these designers wouldn’t it???

Ingrid, you so kindly wrote the following:

I’m going to give it a shot, just for the heck of it.
I have the book, but haven’t done the socks.

I assume you’re doing dpns, since you have 13 on each needle. For the yo, k2 tog, you probably have to slip a stitch from the next needle (or to the next needle so you can k those last 2 tog. That’s what I would try, anyway.

Well, I’ve been trying ( 3 times now) and I’m still going to try to get this darn pattern. Forgetting about the cast on for right now,

if you have 13 stitches on each needle = 52 stitches

when they tell you for the “turning row” (where it will be turned over for a double thick top) to yo k2 tog I just did that on paper figuring, right I would slip the stitch from the next needle so I could knit 2 tog. But with 52 stitches, when you get to the last stitch you are going to have TWO Yos next to each other. I wonder if it’s a mistake. I thought I’d just do 12 stitches on each needle but then that would screw up the lace chart part.

I wish someone had made this socks! They are so pretty, I haven’t seen another lace sock this pretty. I was hoping maybe Amy did them coz she recommended the book! Any help will be appreciated. cheers, Vic

This is what I would do in this situation. :o :o :frog: :frog: :o :o

With so many patterns out there, sometimes its just not worth the effort!
(Forgive me for being negative, I’m having problems with my own pattern right now and feel like throwing it out the window. :frowning: )

Yeah, you’re right INgrid. I just got really mad at that pattern and thought I’d like to figure it. Maybe I’ll write whoever at the book, see if they say anything about it. Meanwhile, a search for lace socks seems to be the day’s focus.

Well, here’s an update. If anyone else ever makes these socks I’ll be very excited. I just wanted to beat this pattern rather than vice versa so I sat down yesterday morning and cast on all over again and started the 4th try. This time I used the crocheted provisional cast on.

I knit 2 rows with that then began the main yarn. Supposed to do 4 rows, then the turning row, yo k2 tog etc. Then you knit 4 more rows and are supposed to fold the piece so knit stiches are on the outside, and begin ‘picking’ up the first provisional cast on stitch along with 1st st from main color, k them together. Then ‘carefully pick out the provisional yarn’. Right. I just can’t do that.

So, I studied the picture, then I pulled out the provisional yarn leaving 52 live stitches hanging there. Picked them up on a second set of dpns. Now I had EIGHT dpns and I took each needle and maneuvered it through and up so the piece was folded in half,
then knit the two stitches together. It was one feat let me tell you.

And, it turned out just like the picture! ta da
I Did It My Way was the song playing in my head all day.

But! (yeah this is a saga) NOW I’m stumped by the first line of the lace pattern because I swear, I’ve counted it fifty times, and there are not 26 stitches in that first row, there are 28.

lace pattern for leg If anyone ever has the time to look at this pattern. I’ve tried that first row (which is working 13 stitches off 2 needles 26 stitches) 3 times now.

Where oh were is Valerie what’s her name who is the designer?

 all for now....

Way to persevere!! I have the book here in front of me, and I count 26 st in the “Lace Pattern for Leg” chart. I don’t understand your confusion.

I read it this way (as if I’m reading right to left)

k1, LT (2), p2, k2tog, k4, yo(0), k5, yo(0), k4, k2tog, p2, RT (2)

1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 0 + 5 + 0 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 26

ha, thanks again Ingrid! I will copy your instructions down just to refer to. I appreciate it and your following my stubborn insistence on getting this pattern. I haven’t done many complicated things (never knit from a graph or whatever it’s called before) so I really wanted to learn something new. Thanks for looking at the pattern, you’re great.


Ingrid… my computer was down yesterday so I didn’t get to tell you,

the reason I was goofed up in counting is because I was doing the yarn overs by thinking I was supposed to knit a stitch every time I did a yarn over. ! What a revelation, I yelled out loud in the car when I saw your explanation!
that you do not ! knit a stitch when it says yo. (which means I must have done the top wrong when they say yo, knit 2 tog. (I did 3 stitches on that one)

I’m so happy to learn this. A simple thing but when you’re beginning, well you know…

disaster can be the end result.

                      happy happy     now if I can just continue with this Darn Hard Sock Pattern.


It must be something in the air. My daughter called me from N.Carolina last night with the same problem with yo’s. Wherever she looked it up, the definition told her that a yo was putting the yarn over and knitting the next stitch. So of course she didn’t have enough stitches on her needle to knit the next stitch and do whatever stitch the pattern called for.

right right right! They don’t make that clear for beginning (not that I’m that beginning) knitters!

boy you must be on the computer a lot! :shock:

All summer I’ve had pretty much unlimited access to ‘drop in’ whenever I feel like it. I’ll be going through withdrawal come September when I’m back to ‘regular’ school. I’d hate to have an administrator walk in the classroom and have me sitting there typing with these little knitting smileys next to me. :shock:

uh oh Ingrid, we’d better get all our questions in before September!

 (glad you've been here)     :D