Stumped on instructions

I have recently begun knitting again after many years. I am trying to make a “beginner’s” baby sweater. I have completed the bottom of the sweater and also figured out how to cast on the sleeves while the work was in progress (with the help of an old knitting book). Now, I’m stumped with this next instruction and can’t find the answer in any knitting book. It says:

Row 5: Knit to last 11 stitches, turn.
Row 6: Purl to last 11 stitches, turn.

It doesn’t mention putting those last 11 stitches onto a stitch holder, but is that what I’m supposed to do? How can I turn the work with 11 stitches still on the needle? Or, am I supposed to bind them off? That is not mentioned either.

Thanks for any help!

What you’re doing is short row shaping. It shapes the sleeve top without having to bind off. What do the instructions say under finishing with regard to the sleeves? If there’s nothing and you think you just have to bind them off, just slip all the st onto one needle and bo.

Amy’s short row shaping video is really good. Also there is a fabulous Knitty article on short row shaping (scroll down) that explains it and has good pictures.

Thanks so much for the replies…I think I’ve got it now! You are all very helpful!