Stumped and need advice!

I’m attempting to teach myself to knit and I’ve come to a direction that has me perplexed! It reads:
Cast on 9 sts.
Rows 1-3: K1, YO, K across to center stitch, K3 in center stitch, K across til 1 loop remains on left needle, YO, k1, turn.

Does this mean I K3 on the 5 stitch? How do I K3 in one stitch! Yikes!
Thanks for your help!

Yes, knit 3 in the 5th stitch. Let me find Ingrid’s previous post on this.

Meanwhile, check out the "bar increase"video. That should help.

You will knit one regular stitch, but DONT slide it off the needle, then knit into the back of the stitch, then knit once more into the front of the stitch and THEN slide the whole mess off the needle. A video about Knitting into the front & back of a st can be found on the Increase page of the Basic Techniques tab, above.

Here it is:

Thank you so much!!! :XX: I’ve never used a forum or chat room…Wow! I’m amazed at what I’ve missed out on! When the directions said K3 in center stitch do I repeat what I saw on the video 2 more times to make it K3, or by doing the step one time I have K3 in the center stitch. Thank you so much!!!

Now I have another question! When I opened the link to my question, Windows Media Player opened up with this great video: purl-closeup-rds[1]. When I try to open up the videos from the website…it takes forever to download them. Is there a way to download the videos from Amy’s website using the Windows Media Player which seems faster. I’ve ordered the CD from Amy, so perhaps that will solve my problem.

Thanks again!!!

Follow KellyK’s instructions. Ingrid’s instructions don’t have the third part of the stitch.

ugh what a mess that stitch will be until it is off your needle but yeah, front back front will give your your K3.

the videos do take a bit of time to load the first time you load them but they are faster the second time…and third …and fourth …and… :rollseyes:

the cd will definitely help speed up the process cuz there is no internet connection required for that.

The videos all open with WMP – the increase and decrease ones just open faster because they’re not very long (smaller download). :smiley:

My problem is that the videos open with AOL Video player and its slower than molasis in January. Perhaps I need to change my AOL setting?? :??

they open with Quicktime on my computer…well actually the last couple of times they have opened with Real Player because of that big brother 2 hooey on there but if they would stop letting me watch it for free i would just delete real player off the computer …lol