Stuggling with understanding slant dec

I started a new project, A cute sleeveless dress for a 2 year old.
I have started the skirt part. Finished the ruffle
Did the A line panels
Ins Row1 (K19, P1 K39 P1)
Row2 Purl row.

Now here is where I have watched the video and I am lost like you would not believe…
I will write the instructions down, and if anyone can explain to me in better terms or in a way a new knitter can understand that would be lovely.

A Line Shaping
Knit to within 2 sts of the purl st, work the left slant decrease (K2 through back loop), P1, work right slant dec (K2 through front loop) on next 2 sts. Cont across row working K2 tog (as right and left slant decs) on each side of the P1 st - a total dec of 12 sts in row. Do not dec at front edge of garment.

I looked at this and almost started to cry as I have put some hours in so far and do not want to quit this project, and I am a chicken if I figure I can not do it…
Help me please…

Work to 2 stitches before purl stitch, then knit two together through the back loops – this is a left slanting decrease. An alternative for k2tog through back loops is a SSK.

Then P1.

Then knit two together – this is a right slanting decrease.

You will decrease one stitch before, and one stitch after [I]each[/I] purl stitch in the row.

You are doing 12 decreased stitches per row, one on either side of the purl stitches, so I assume that you have 6 purl stitches in one row?

… and this is why you have the name of knit queen!!!
Thanks so much… I will keep you posted.

You may find it helpful to place a marker before your purl stitch so when you see it you know that your decreases are coming up.