Stuffed animals

when i was a kid i used to crochet stuffed animals for my friends b days … i used to really like makeing lil characters… now im 25 have 2 young kids and i havent made a stuffed animal since i was about 12 yrs old … and i havent ever knitted one before in my life but i found this pattern and it sparked something in me … i just got done makeing a shawl witch was fun … but there were so many stitches … most of the time i work on small projects cause i get interupted alot (the lil ones and all) so ive started this pattern and im loveing it. i got about half of it done so far (2 legs and the body) and ive only been at it for half a day … its so refreshing to see a project coming together so quickly after the shawl i made seemed to take ages … i hope some of you enjoy the pattern also … and i think ill be makeing alot more stuffed animals in the future

AAAAWWWWW that is cute!!! Went straight into my ever lengthening cue.

Thank You!!!


Toys are fun to knit. They are quick. You don’t have to be as exact about gauge like you would with a sweater.

Someone was asking about this sheep pattern a few weeks ago. I thought it was so cute, that I saved it. Although I haven’t made it myself.

ahh those are really cute too … i might give one a go… but while i was knitting this current lamb im on my 4 yr old asked me to make her a zebra… so now i have to find a pattern for that… also found this elephant i really want to make.

I haven’t run across any zebras. But haven’t been looking either. If you can’t find a pattern. Maybe you could do a horse with black & white stripes. Bet that would seem like a zebra.

Oh that is the cutest lamb! Thanks for the pattern link!:yay:

This was the only free zebra I found with a quick search.

ty very much for that zebra link its pretty cute … hope my kid enjoys it … honestly i dont know where she got the idea for a zebra.