Studio shorts

Hi I’m making a pair of shorts designed by Elisha Laubacher,and I’v reaches as fear as attaching the hip,but I’m n ot understanding it,would anyone be able to help me or leard me to a video,that might beable to help,thanks.:knitting:

Can you give us the directions for attaching the hip? Also, tell us what you have on the needles so far. A link to the pattern, if available, would also be good.

Hi the shorts is on Studio Shorts I’m ready to attach the hips but don’t understand,I’m not sure how to post the site,sos sorry.

I Googled Studio Shorts and didn’t find a pattern or anything.

What do you have on your needles now? What does the pattern say for the next step–where you’re confused?

Is the pattern a free one that you can find on the web or is it from a book?

I searched the designer on Ravelry and found them:

The pattern is free.

Here’s what it says for ‘attach legs at hip’:
ATTACH LEGS AT HIP (Both Versions)
Line up legs and place live sts from both onto 24” needle. Leave 15[16, 17, 18, 19,
20, 21, 22] sts from each leg on scrap yarns, aligned at the crotch. These will be
connected later. Pm at the front center leg join (called fm). Count the number of sts
on the needles from one of the legs and divide that number by two (number x).
Count x sts from fm and pm. This marker will be the left hip (called lhm), which
marks the beg of the rnds. Slip sts from one needle to the other until lhm is at the
beg of the rnd. Count x sts from fm in the other direction, pm, and this will be the
right hip (called rhm). See photos for details.

I see. Thank you Mirl, for finding that.

You’re going to put both of the legs on the circular needle, leaving the inner crotch stitches on the waste yarn for now.

Then, place a marker on the needle right before the left leg starts as it’s facing you. Count the stitches on the leg and put a marker half way around where the side would be.

This marker will be the beginning of the round, so slip your stitches to that point and begin knitting, putting a marker at the other hip, halfway around.