Please can someone help. I have a pattern for a cardigan I have started and I am stuck already.

It says cast on 45 stitches and work 7 rows in rib. I have done that :woot:

Row 8 says:

RIB and slip 9 stitches onto a stitch holder.

The pattern then says for the size I am doing rib 5 rib 2 together 6 times. then lastly rib 5. You should end up with 29 Stitches.

No matter how I do this I cannot work it out please can anyone help?

When it says Rib and slip 9 stitches. Rib how many? so Confused!!

I have made pockets which will be placed in row 9.

Thanks anyone for you advice.

The pattern row starts with the rib stitch over the first 9sts which are then slipped to a holder or waste yarn. I can’t make sense of the numbers for the row however.
Can you give us a pattern name or a link to the pattern?
If it’s a purchased pattern, can you quote the row exactly, parentheses and all, please?

Hi Thanks for replying:

Its a stylecraft pattern called harlequin 8683. I don’t think you can open this as its a bought pattern. I will type it out as is.

Using 5mm needles and thumb method cast on , 35{37:39:41:43:[COLOR=“Red”]45[/COLOR]}sts and work 7 rows in rib.
8th row. Rib & slip 9stch onto stitch holder, rib 2{3:2:3:4:[COLOR=“red”]5[/COLOR]:} rib2tog, (rib2, rib2tog) 5{5:6:6:6:6} times, rib 2{3:2:3:4:[COLOR=“red”]5[/COLOR]} 20{22:23:25:27:[COLOR=“red”]29[/COLOR]} sts. place pocket.

OK, that works:
Rib 9sts and slip those 9sts to a holder.
rib 5sts
rib 2sts together
(rib 2, rib2together) and repeat this 6 times
end with rib 5sts.
The row begins with 45sts and ends with 29sts on the needle.

Thank you so much I misread the pattern I was doing 5 rib, rib 2 together 6 times. I thought the bit in brackets was for the first size.!