:?? :?? I am attempting an Entrelac Lace Pattern for the first time and am stuck on instructions on a wrong side rectangle. Instructions read “P4, (k1,p1) into double yo, p to end.” There is no double yo in previous row. Is it telling me to do a double yo then knit and pearl into it? If so I will have too many stitches. Can anyone help?


It’s likely that there are decreases somewhere in this rectangle that bring the st number back down. What are the complete instructions for the previous row?

There could be an error in the pattern. There [I]should[/I] be a double yo in the previous row in order for you to knit into it.:??

Can you tell us the two rows of the pattern that you’re having trouble with? Or, better yet, a link to the pattern if it’s available?

Boy! Do I feel Dumb!!! I wasn’t reading the previous row correctly. There is a yo twice and I was doing it only once!!:yay:

That’s exactly what I was wondering about. I’ve missed those too.