**Hello again
So I’m following a pattern for a cardigan
Have attached a screenshot of part I’m on
At the bottom it says to Work 13 rows
I’m unsure if this is K 13 rows or 13 rows of the pattern. If I K13 rows the pattern won’t look the same as I’ve been Purling the even rows inbetween (rows 2,4 & 6)
I’m just a tad confused image **

What is the name of your pattern?

Hi. It’s one I found on the internet. I have attached pics. It’s the ‘work x amount of rows’ I’m getting confused worh

Really sweet pattern. I agree with Creations who replied to your other post, keep up the lace pattern at the edges so that there is no break in that pattern.

I think I’m finally understanding it now. The directions on the pattern could be easier lol. I’m writing it all down so it’s easier to follow
Thankyou x

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