Stuck with what to do next

Ok…I have just completed my first row of knitting but I have extra string before my knot at the end. I dont know how to finish it off so that I can begin to transfer it to the empty needle for the second row. HELP:)

Do you mean that there’s a stretched-out piece between the last two stitches?

Is there any way to post a picture?

If it is a stretched out strand, I’d say just knit the last stitch. You will have a bit of a loop there, but if it’s your first row of knitting ever, just keep on truckin’.

Are you talking about the left over yarn from the cast on row. If so just ignore it for now, turn your work and knit or purl the second row. After you have knitted your piece you will take a tapestry needle and weave that “tail” of yarn into you piece.